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General Instructions: This table contains the COMPLETE DragonSports Roster (until every team is updated). This list includes everyone that we know has registered with DragonSports. It may NOT include people who registered several years ago. We have gone through several system changes for the website and it is possible that some registrations have been lost. Use the instructions below to add people who aren't on any list and have registered with DragonSports in the past.

  1. Select your team from the team dropdown list to display JUST your team roster.
  2. Sorting your data:
    1. Hover over any column header to see the up and down arrows
    2. Click on the Up or Down arrow to sort your data by that column
  3. Filtering your data by paddler status OR Member Type:
    1. Paddlers can be "Active" or "Inactive".
    2. Click on the dropdown field "Status" at the top and select all, Active, or Inactive
    3. Click on the dropdown field "Member Type" to select Member or Provisional (so that you can check on the status of Provisional Paddlers)
  4. Changing a paddler status:
    1. Click on the "Edit Paddler Info" button at the bottom - Edit and Delete (trash can) icons will appear by each paddler.
    2. To change a paddler status from Active to Inactive, click on the Edit icon (Pencil) and change the Status field, then click "Update" (Do not click "Apply and add new" - new paddlers are added through the Membership form). 
  5. Deleting or removing a member who has moved or will otherwise not resume paddling with your team:
    1. Click on the Delete icon (trash can) next to the paddler in question and confirm deletion. 
  6. Adding a new paddler:
    1. Do NOT manually add new paddlers to your team. Please refer them to the Membership form to join DragonSports (See below for further instructions)
What to do if a paddler isn't on your list:

First, search for that person in the "Master" table *=(Select "All" in the Team list).

If found:

    1. Click on the "Edit Paddler Info" at the bottom.
    2. Click on the Edit icon (Pencil) next to the paddler
    3. Change the Team name to YOUR team (using dropdown selection)
    4. Click "Update"
    5. If you refresh the page, the paddler should appear in your list.

If the person is NOT in the "Complete Roster" table and you are absolutely certain that they'd previously paid for a lifetime DragonSports membership, ask them to go to the Membership web page and complete the waiver/registration form by selecting "Refresh" as their membership type (the options are "Provisional", "Member" and "Refresh"). There will be no charge.

If you and they are uncertain if they've paid for a membership, please ask them to select "Member" in the form on the Membership page and pay the one-time fee.

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