Dragon Boat Paddling in Portland

Whether you're brand new to the sport, new to the area, or just looking for a team, you'll get the help you need on this page.

Getting Started is Easy

With a variety of teams of all skill levels, ages, and genders, there's going to be a team that's right for you. You're sure to get a great workout, make new friends, and enjoy being outside on the water. Plus, some teams paddle ALL YEAR (even in the winter).


Is dragon boating right for you?


Find the right team


Join DragonSports


Equipment, clothing, etc.

Try it, you'll like it

Dragon boats are like long canoes, with 10 paddlers on each side. It's a tough workout that works your whole body and will get your heart pumping. New paddlers are always welcome, regardless of fitness level. We'll teach you the proper technique and ensure you have a good time.
Open practices are available if you'd like to give it a try without committing. 
Check out Open Practices

Plenty of teams...

You can select a team or we'll help you choose based on your desires and needs. Teams vary in age, gender, and competitiveness and practice throughout the week and weekends at different times. Some teams offer "open" practices that enable you to paddle when and how often you like.

Lifetime membership

Once you're ready to paddle, we ask that you pay a minimal one-time membership fee and complete our liability waiver.  If you're not ready to join, but would like to give it a try for free with a team, please join below as a "Provisional" member.

What do you need?

The good news is that we have plenty of life jackets and paddles, available for your use until you get your own. The Next Adventure Paddle Store provides all the equipment you need and offers a discount to DragonSports members. Other than that, dress in layers appropriate for a water sport in Portland (synthetic or wool - no cotton).

"Meet by the flagpole"

Just outside the RiverPlace Hotel by the marina is a pedestrian circle with a flagpole in the middle. That's where teams meet. Arrive about 10-15 minutes BEFORE the time your team goes out to practice. You'll head to the marina as a group. 

There are a variety of parking lots in the area, but check with your team about the best spots they've found. Allow time for driving, parking, and walking to the marina.
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