About DragonSports USA

DragonSports USA is a non-profit dragon boat paddling club located in Portland, Oregon.

Our Vision

Promoting fitness and friendship through paddle sports.
Our Mission
DragonSports is a driving force in developing paddlers of all abilities and ages through a responsive, well-coordinated program of boat and equipment rental, and of sponsoring (at least one) local races.
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Board of Directors

Sid Smith
President / Castaways
Brandy Jackson
Vice President / Dragon Fuel
Kristin Sterling
Treasurer / OWLS Dragonflies
Lynne Chartier
Secretary / Outrigger
Andrew Wall
Past President 2015-2020
Bridge City
Jeanie Zinn
Past President 2013-2015
Mighty Women
Eric Ledecky
Team Fusion
Joe Swaney

Darrell Hames
Past President 2011-2013
Vernon Lee
Outrigger Canoe Chair
Emily DuBay
OWLS Dragonflies
Kim Murphy
Amazon Dragons
Suzanne Ahn
Golden Dragons
Hau’oli Wave Riders OC
Shelley Morrison
Tilikum Dragons
Kim Strand
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DragonSports Contacts

Dragon Boat Scheduling
Junior Team Grants
Lost and Found
Safety Rules & Guidelines
Tiller & Steer Training
Portland Dragon Boat Festival

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Apply to join the DragonSports Board!
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